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Summary of Brenda’s July 14, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at   Your outer world will be even more chaotic the next two months. And because those just starting their journey won’t understand the energies, they will try to draw you into their fears. Your role is to be the pillar of knowingness they can latch onto if they wish. Or they can wallow in their fear. If you fall into their fear, the energies blasting through now will make it difficult for you to recuperate without illness or a great deal of rest.

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Dear Ones,

We propose a challenge for you. Even though our challenge is quite simple, you will likely worry…

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[I love this…I do wonder what he would say about ‘chronic’ emotions…???]

There are no ‘destructive emotions’, just as there are no ‘destructive thoughts’.

Emotions – sadness, fear, anger, joy, excitement, disgust – are simply energies in the body. Thoughts are just thoughts in the mind. What causes ‘destruction’ and violence is not thoughts and feelings themselves, for they are always neutral and natural energies in us, but our automatic and habitual REACTIONS to those thoughts and feelings, our defences around them, the ways we go to war with them, deny them, numb ourselves to them, act them out in harmful ways, even attacking others (or ourselves) in our search for peace and relief from them.

Fear and anger can be incredibly uncomfortable energies, of course! The tightness in the belly or chest, the raging heartbeat, the heat, the dizziness, the confusion, the nausea….

If we look with an honest awareness, there’s a part of us that doesn’t’ WANT to be having this experience, doesn’t want the intensity, the fire, the discomfort, the aliveness, and wants to blame someone or something for the way we feel. We were never taught how to meet this discomfort in the body, stay with it, breathe into it. We feel an impulse – to run or to fight, to escape, to attack someone, to get out of our bodies. We feel the urge to lash out, to call someone names, to punch, to try and hurt them as much as possible. This is our reaction to the feeling, NOT the feeling itself. The feeling is just a feeling. Our reaction is our reaction. We must disentangle the two. Drench them both with understanding…

This is where meditation comes in. We can slow right down now. Breathe. Feel our feet on the ground. Notice all the intense sensations in our bodies – the fluttering, the pounding, the vibrations, the heat, the sharpness, the tensions, the pressure. We can bring awareness to all the pictures and voices in our minds too, the fantasy movie we are playing out, the internal screaming, thoughts about past and future, thoughts about hurting someone, breaking something, lashing out, running away, destroying the world or destroying ourselves. We can see that these are all images, pictures, not reality.

We can begin, moment by moment, to ALLOW all our thoughts and sensations to be here. Breathe into them. Drench them with fascination. They will not harm us, or anyone, as we allow them. This is a very private, internal experience…

We can interrupt our habitual ‘reaction’ to feelings by slowing right down and actually becoming curious about the reactive part of us, the part that wants to lash out. We can bring great compassion and understanding to that destructive impulse – without having to act on it. And without numbing it. Seeing it as just a lost and lonely part of us. An innocent child, looking for help. Something in us, seeking relief.

If we feel guilt or shame over having ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings, we can notice and allow that too.

We can now respond from presence rather than react from our programming. We can acknowledge, in presence, that we feel afraid, or that we feel angry, yes, and that we also feel the impulse or urge to get out of our bodies, to attack, to blame, to hurt ourselves or others. We can see these possibilities but we don’t have to act them out. Just see them with non-judgmental eyes.

Fear and anger are not destructive in themselves – but we must really LOOK to know this. We must untangle the natural feeling from our resistance to, or our conditioned reaction to, the feeling. We must drench our physical sensations with loving awareness, and shine a compassionate light on the mind too. So we are no longer a slave to our reactions.

Bringing into awareness an old and deeply ingrained pattern, we can now choose something entirely new: a deep commitment to our feelings and our bodies in the present moment, a profound compassion for the frightened or angry one inside of us, and inside every human being. And from presence, we can say to ourselves, or to a friend, “I feel afraid” or “I feel angry”. And we can tell our story, share our vulnerability, owning our own thoughts and feelings, even if they are fiery and raw.

There are no “destructive emotions” – only our emotions, and then our impulse to destroy them, or destroy others in our search for relief from them.

What if we can actually find relief – and even peace – at the core of the intensity of our emotions?

Peace at the heart of fear? Calm at the core of anger? Great joy at the centre of sorrow?

If we actually allow ourselves to feel, to lean into the scary and fiery feelings, to breathe into our bellies and chests and throats, to soften into the moment and allow all thoughts in our minds, we may find gold.

– Jeff Foster

Why Hoard It or Give It Away?

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for


Dear Ones,

Likely, you cannot sense any global connection with the phrase, “we’re one.” Even though the phrase is something you contemplate, your news and personal experiences do not reinforce your need to actualize it.

You hear the phrase, we’re one and agree with the concept; yet, you believe such will never come to fruition in your lifetime. For those pieces that seem to reinforce accepting all without concerns for gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or creed are being removed – you believe – one by one.

The “we’re one” earth structure needs to be rebuilt and reconfigured solidly instead of precariously as was true for the first build.

If that belief had been created on a solid foundation, the current nonacceptance and anger would not exist. But then, many of your structures are wobbly regarding action instead of token words.

You believe those who do not enforce or encourage love for all are very different from you. In truth, they are antagonists created by you, en masse, to ensure that you understand the need for solid structures.

“Follow the money” motivates your world much more than we’re one.  Your interest in following the money is an offshoot of your societal concerns.

Perhaps you discuss your interest in helping other countries, races, religions, etc. but if given a choice between millions of dollars or helping others to live a life similar to yours, or next door to you, which would you choose? If you had to think about your response, realize how deeply ingrained your need is to validate success with money.

Such a statement is not to chide you nor to inform you that money is evil, but instead for you to understand how you en masse have directed your efforts for some time. Human love waned, as monetary success overtook the need for closeness to one another.

Now you are angry because love for all is your mantra. But if you were without food or shelter, your monetary needs would likely outweigh your love of others. And if you were monetarily very successful, would you be willing to give those resources away if someone promised that all would be loved if you did?

Most likely, you will respond that you would equalize monetary rewards if everyone on earth with financial resources would also. So it is you cannot understand how we’re one will ever come to fruition.

What you forgot in those thoughts is that love does not have a monetary value. That being penniless is not any more loving than being extremely wealthy. Individuals create wealth and resources appropriate for themselves.

You believe loving others means giving your lifestyle and personal rewards away.

That concern shifts you from we’re one to “I better take care of myself before I share my love (personal lifestyle) with others.”

Such is a 3D belief that has little to do with 5D and beyond. For you do not give away your fish, as it were, you teach others how to fish. That is what we’re one truly means. For you to give your creations away because others are not capable of creating the same is much more about a master/servant type relationship than allowing others to be themselves.

Now you are thinking that accepting someone who is a different religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. has very little to do with monetary rewards. We beg to differ. For those with financial resources are not held to the same standards as those without. You can likely name a number of financially successful people of different races, religions, creed, countries, sexual orientation, etc. who are not concerned about crossing any barriers held by those with less financial success.

Still, you argue that it does not matter to you if someone of the opposite sex, a different religion, sexual orientation, different race, etc. lives next door. Which is possibly true. But overall, you question the wisdom of welcoming those different from you believing that somehow they will take your financial resources, lower the value of your property, or expect too much from you emotionally.

Your 5D parts clamor for we’re one. Your 3D belief is that those of lesser status will take away from your being.

You are starting to shift – slowly, but still shifting. For love does not carry a price. Nor does teaching someone how to fish. You are no longer part of the master/servant lifestyle. Even though that model continues to be displayed in the media and perhaps your personal lives, such is not who you truly are.

We strongly suggest you review your beliefs allowing yourself to acknowledge your 3D biases.

You are the builders of the new structures in whatever way feels most joyful. For some, it is knowing anything is possible. For others, teaching someone to fish, and for still others, it is to protest or destroy those structures they wish to re-create.

You will know your role by what gives you joy. Nothing more and nothing less.

But before you can recreate any structures, review your beliefs to determine how closely those structures are tied to monetary rewards. Monetary creations are neither better nor worse than any other creation. So there is no need to hoard your money nor is there any need to give it away.

It is your choice based on your new 5D or beyond being. Allow yourself to decide without reverting to 3D beliefs. So be it. Amen.

via Why Hoard it or Give it Away?

Your Path – from It Rings True

by Ron Head

The most common, no, the universal question asked of us and of guides on both sides of the veil is, “Am I on the right path?” The second is, “What should I be doing?” May we spend a bit of time with you today and clear that up?

There are many things we can bring into this discussion. We could answer the entire thing with the simple words of the source you call Abraham. “You cannot ever finish it, and you cannot get it wrong.” However, let’s give it a bit more discussion than that, shall we?

First, we will point out that you are there as a representative facet of the being who sat, and continues to sit, in conference with a council of guides, teachers, masters, and soul family who determined, and continue to determine, the why and how of your present incarnation. By far the greater part of the being you indeed are is not the tiny physical body and limited mind that you think you are. You are growing into the realization of that. It is, in fact, a large part of your purpose to do so.

You have a purpose for being where you are. You do not, most of you, remember what that is. And to most of you it remains a mystery because you do not think that you have access to the greater part of you, or you do not even suspect that there is a greater part of you. Well there is. And it is becoming known more and more widely as the spiritual side of humankind comes more to the forefront.

Even though each of you must begin this journey from where he or she finds themselves, you are all on that path. Where you stand is on that path. Your next step will be on that path. You cannot be anywhere else. It would serve you not at all to be on another’s path.

What should you be doing? You should be doing what you do best and feel the best about doing. You’ve been taught that if you are having fun, you cannot be doing the best thing. You’ve been taught that because there are those that wanted you to do what they expected of you. The fact is that the feelings of joy and accomplishment, the feelings of satisfaction, are the way that your Self, capital S, gets its guidance to you.

Now, if you have been following closely, you know that there are other ways, as well. As we said above, you are a part of this Council. You are continually guided, counseled, and taught by whomever has the guidance and information that you need. That is one of the reasons that you need sleep, you know. And that is why you are so frequently told you should spend time in nature, meditate, etc.

Some of you come away with visions, with memories, with words of wisdom ringing in your heads. Some of you think that you get nothing. Let us assure you that if you make the effort, the effort is never wasted. But if you are one who learns best in one way, do not expect to be taught another way. Actually, the very most effective thing for you to do is to spend time with your awareness centered in your feelings and just stop thinking in the past (judgment) or the future (worry). You can do that anywhere, but the peace of nature, a park, a garden, where life is only concerned with living, and the peace of that is pervasive, will certainly make you feel better in short order.

Now, remember we said that you cannot get it wrong? That is true because you and the universe will always learn something. You true question is, “What will get me what I think I want in the quickest way?” Is that not accurate? Also, “How can I keep from making a huge mistake?” One answer to that is above. Another is that you will receive what you need.

But we will offer this:  you cannot go wrong if you stay in appreciation and thanks for what you have and what you receive.

Now, you may think, “I can’t just drop everything and run off and become a (fill in the blank). I have obligations. I have to eat.” Can you do it for a few minutes? Can you learn something more about it? Can you watch someone do it? You get the idea. We would say that is the next step on your path that you ‘should’ take. Please notice that we put the word should in quotes. What we mean is that you may find it to be beneficial to your learning and growth. And you may also find that it is a gift you can share with the world.

There is nothing that you can contribute to the world more helpful than the keeping of yourself in a higher vibration. That means, oddly enough, that it is very helpful for you to be happy. And happy is something you can be if you decide to be. It is a thing that you can do. Do that. Do it a lot. Make it a habit. Make it be what people think of when they think of you.

It Rings True is available HERE.

The Council – Am I Going Nuts?

by Ron Head

We will continue speaking today of what is going on now, but we will bring the discussion a little closer to home for a great many of you. If we do not speak specifically about a situation in which you find yourself, do not feel left out. No one is left out. These are universal changes. Just expand the concepts into the situation you are in.

You know that you are approaching massive change. You know that you are, in fact, actually moving into the leading edges of it. You know this because you follow this and other sources. And yet some of you are experiencing things that are upsetting to you. They upset you because no one has told you that you should expect them and what they might mean.

Now there are many lists available to you of what you call ascension symptoms. And we recommend that you find and read or listen to some of them. You may find your own experience listed, but even with as many lists as there are, all of the possible changes you may be undergoing are not in those lists. Why? Because each of you is unique.

Think of it this way; each of you is being enabled to contribute your greatest gifts to those who may need you. Not only have you signed up for the assignment, but you have spent many lifetimes learning what you know. But you have hidden it from others, even from yourselves in many cases. Some of you came in remembering, but you thought you should bury those memories at some point in your lives.

Crunch time is here, however. You don’t want to miss this. So allow these changes in you to happen. Allow your hands to get hot or to tingle or throb at times. Allow yourself to see what you have never seen, and do not dismiss it.  Allow yourself to hear us, and do not think you are losing your mind. Mark well the times when synchronicities occur. Take note of the times, however fleeting, when you feel an overwhelming oneness with everything around you. And the list could get a great deal longer.

We know that you are very reluctant to speak of these things. Your history accounts for this. You will not be racked or burned this time. Now, some of those you might tell will not understand. But telling them will at least plant a seed. There will be many times, though, when you mention something to another and are amazed at the flood of gratitude you receive when they discover that they can confide in you. Those like-minded souls are truly all around you. They just are as reluctant to expose themselves as you are.

Allow. Allow yourselves to be. Allow yourselves to expand. Allow yourselves to find out who you truly, truly are. The self that you are has nothing to fear. That fear has been carefully taught to you. Stop dancing with it.

When you decide to do this, ask for help if you feel the need to do so. It is not weakness. We stand ready.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE. A third book is being compiled now. 

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