Just holding space for something ??? with this blog…not sure what really…:)


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  1. Hi, saw your message on Aisha North’s POND and saw you live in San Antonio, I do too now (NE) as of 2 weeks ago after my family moved from Austin. Nice to meet you 😀 Seeking the Spiritual stuff/community here and would greatly appreciate any info in this regard though I do know ultimately it starts with me – but would love some pointers and it’s nice to see another fellow Lightworker. This is a big city so I know there are more – just not as easy to find as in Austin. Look forward to hearing from you.

    In the Energy of Love,

    • Heyyy, Carolyn! Welcome to SA! I’ve been like a hermit since I’ve moved back here so I do not have any connections of that sort here but more and more I wonder about what’s available! Sorry to not be of any help but maybe this is the beginning of our finding out. Thank you so much for contacting me, Carolyn, and glad to connect with you through Aisha’s POND! ♥♥♥…janis

      ╔ƸӜƷ LiVҼ…
      ƸӜƷ LaUgH !!!

      • For whatever Divine reason just discovered this way of connecting through WordPress today. Just wanted to say Hi and have a beautiful day.

    • Ohhh, Darlene…a few days ago I ‘unpublished’ it because I wasn’t spending much time with it. However, just about an hour ago I ‘re-published’ it! Thank you for finding me here, Darlene…I’ll see over there on my page…thank you, again, Darlene…♡!

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