– Byron Katie –


“No one will ever understand you. Realizing this is freedom.”
-Byron Katie-



2 thoughts on “– Byron Katie –

  1. Reblogged this on iheartcoaching and commented:
    ooh I just love this one. although i don’t love the psychedelic background haha. after going to byron katie’s workshop this past weekend and being reminded over and over that no one will ever understand you because only you can understand yourself…and how you understand others is unique only to you…was a total mind warp. thinking about how our own perceptions are so wildly different and driven from our own experiences that no one else has the same of, and therefore there is no possibly way i can ever understand you…sigh. it’s a bit sad! haha, i’m a life coach and so i although i don’t completely seek to understand you, rather, i seek to support you and believe wholly in your dreams, i still in my personal life seek to understand and be understood by all those around me. haha maybe a time for a new direction 🙂

    • wow…I really like that, iheartcoaching! And what comes to my mind is that when we seek to better understand another, perhaps, at the core, it is really an attempt to better understand ourselves. I once read that the more we truly understand ourselves, the more we understand ‘God’…??? ♥! 🙂 Thank you for reblogging, iheartcoaching, and for your insightful comment…♥!

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