Morning message

aisha north

I woke up this morning to 6 inches of fresh snow, and to these words:

A blanket of light has descended upon your planet,

the likes of which has never before been seen.

So we say to you, rest assured that no matter

how dramatic life may seem for some of you at the moment,

know that things are about to change.

For you have entered a zone of enlightenment

that will affect you on a whole new level.

So too the masses of individuals whom have so far

averted their eyes from their own light.

So go within, and you will feel within your very bones

that a new day has dawned.

A new age has dawned.

One that will erase so much of what has held you down.

The collective will rise up from their stupor

and finally take it upon themselves to find a way

out of…

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May Full Moon Message

aisha north

This message came through this morning, when I was called to visit one of the special places nearby. It is a small grove of ancient trees near the river. I made this recording, but the sounds of Mother Nature – some of the “multitude of beings all around you here, now, present on this planet” – made my voice less audible, so I am including a transcript of the message too.

Beloveds, life itself is unfurling at the perfect pace.
And know that even if you yourself may feel stuck.
you are simply experiencing a new way of growing.
So keep your heart open
so all the support that surrounds you can enter your life.
Because there is a multitude of beings all around you
here, now, present on this planet
and they have all come to be a part of this magnificent change.
But this change comes through you, and…

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A message from Mother Earth

aisha north

Dear friends! This morning, I went down to the beach close to where I live. The sun was out again after days of wild and windy west coast weather, so I relished the chance to be able to sit outside and meditate. While I sat there, I got this message that I wanted to share with all of you. I picked up my phone and made this short video. It is a bit “shaky”, but I think you will feel the energy of it. I do believe that part of the reason I was guided to move here three months earlier than planned, was to be here NOW. To be surrounded by all of this natural beauty, so I could share it with all those who are unable to BE out in nature because they have been ordered to stay at home. I want you to know that Mother Earth…

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