Ann & the Angels • Our Wobble Between Paradigms

Message from the Angels – 7/11/2020
via Ann Albers
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What world are you living in this very moment? Are you living in a world of pandemic with no seeming end, horrible divisions, and scathing political disagreements? Or, are you living in a world where you are eternally connected to the Source of well-being, experiencing unity within self, and experiencing a love for all perspectives, because you know that all help you find clarity about your own point of view?

Both worlds exist simultaneously upon your planet. The divisions between them are becoming increasingly apparent:

One is focused on the outer reality.
The other is focused on the inner reality.

In one, the outside world affects you.
In the other, you affect the outside world.

In one you are subject to the mass consciousness.
In the other you are Consciousness itself, creating a far kinder, more loving reality from the inside out.

In one the ego guides.
In the other you are guided by love, joy, and inspiration from the soul.

Most of you dance between these two words.

You strive to create from the inside out and yet the outer world is very compelling. It wants to get in. Misery does love company, dear ones, and fear is a virus that live in the minds and hearts of those who would infect you with it.

For example you want to live in faith that you are guided and all will be well, but so many are crying “doom and gloom” that you begin to waver and wonder if your optimism is ill-founded.

You want to feel God’s peace and prosperity from the inside out, and for a while you do but then the world’s arguments for lack and chaos are compelling and you feel yourself get sucked into them from time to time.

You want to love all your fellow human beings, yet the angry, victimized behaviors of some become a trigger for you to step away from your truth

You want to believe in the new world that is being birthed but the unpleasant predictions and cries of “when is this going to end,” periodically trigger doubts and fears.

Dear ones, don’t berate yourselves when you slip from one reality into the other. You are all very spiritually aware beings reading or listening to our words. You all know the idea that you create from the inside out. Nonetheless, you were raised in a world that, to this day, insists that the outer world should dictate your joy, your health, your peace, and your prosperity.

You know better, but putting higher truth into practice in a world where it is not yet common practice, takes a bit of effort between the ears.

You need not convince anyone else to believe as you do. You need not convince anyone else that you create from the inside out. Simply do it, and allow your life to work. You will become happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful and then others will want to know how on earth you’re managing to do that in this “crazy world.”

Focus on living your own life the way you want to live it, and then you’ll become an inspiration to others and a vibrational force of change.

Embrace your own joy from moment to moment. Strive to think thoughts that give you good feelings – one better feeling thought at a time.

Focus on any areas in life where you can feel abundant. Walk through your days, challenging yourself to appreciate everything you can.

Seek out peaceful spaces, peaceful people, and peaceful interactions when you can, and when others try to draw you into their arguments simply tell them, “I am listening. I want to understand you.” Send compassion. Pray for them. Don’t take it personally

While many of you want to share your opinions with others, search your hearts and ask, “Am I doing so because I love to share what works for me, and because it is a joy to uplift, inspire, and educate?” or “Am I seeking to be right, to make another understand that they should change, or to validate my own perspectives by seeking agreement?”

Only words spoken from love are worth speaking.

Dear ones, you find yourselves wavering between worlds, and that is OK. Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle When you fall into the externally-based world, slowly and gently guide yourself towards the internally-based world – one kinder, more loving, better-feeling thought at a time.

There are many shouting doom and gloom, armed with “facts,” accusations, fear, and anger. There are just as many quiet spiritual souls praying for and envisioning peace, living out the kindest, happiest, most loving lives they can, and serving others in all ways, great and small. They are doing so – you are doing so – with such a powerful love that your energy is collectively creating a quiet, yet powerful wave of change upon your planet earth.

Do your best to be part of the crowd embracing creation from the inside out – one kind, loving, appreciative thought at a time – for in that reality, you become aligned with the power that creates universes. In that reality you contribute to solutions that are guided, inspired, win-win, and lasting.

The Divine wants all of you to have lives in which you experience well-being, love, peace, prosperity, and joy. Dive within. Find and share love in the smallest of ways. Think the kindest thoughts you can choose, and then dear ones, one loving, powerfully aligned soul at a time, you will become the change you wish to see in your world.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

It almost seems nuts to be happy in the midst of such craziness on this planet. In my past I would have felt guilty. Now, when people ask me if the world is going downhill, I reply, “Not on my shift!” After working with angels and channeling healing energy for over twenty years I know we have the ability to affect our reality by what we focus upon, think, and feel. I feel a huge responsibility to use that ability wisely, especially now.

I feel compelled to point my attention towards what I want to see in the world, rather than what the world has already created. I want to embody love, emit peace, and radiate joy into a world in need of those qualities right now.

I think of “minding my mind” as an integral form of both self-care and world service. Most of us brush our teeth, wash our hands (religiously these days!), eat, shower, and do a whole host of other basic self-care routines. We put gas in our cars, and get the oil changed. We clean and maintain our homes… and yet we feed our minds mental “junk food” and let them remain cluttered with unhappy thoughts.

Most of us simply weren’t trained to do otherwise. It has only been within the last decade that the vibrational laws of the universe were introduced to the masses. We are still in an early stages of a fifth dimensional reality in which it will eventually be accepted as truth that the energy we emit is more important than the effort we exert. “Memorize that,” the angels just said in my head!

*** The energy we emit is more important than the effort we exert ***

Can you imagine what life would be like if we were taught to maintain our thoughts as well as we maintain our bodies, cars, or houses? We’d correct our negative thoughts as much as we could, or at least love ourselves through them. We’d eliminate useless clutter – obsessive thoughts about things that don’t matter, or things we can’t personally change. We’d use our minds as the tools they were intended to be, to point our thoughts toward the happiest, healthiest, most optimistic direction possible.

I know this isn’t possible all the time. When you’re grieving, for example, sometimes the best feeling thought you can think is how much you love your dear one in heaven. Sometimes the best you can do is love yourself enough to reach out for comfort. Sometimes you get a glimmer of hope as you think about learning to connect with your loved one to experience the eternal relationship.

Likewise when you’re really hurt and stark raving mad, sometimes the best thought you can think is one of self-love… “My feelings count too!”

We can’t always ride the waves of the highest, happiest, most loving vibes, but we can diligently seek thoughts that make us feel better, one thought at a time.

I’m on a mission to do this lately. Instead of focusing on, and therefore contributing to the projections of endless covid, I’m focusing on a world of joyous well-being. Instead of focusing on the racial problems that are, and have been, sick and deep, I focus on a world in which we value all souls for their beautiful uniqueness. Instead of focusing on all the mud-slinging politics, I focus on praying for all world leaders and imagining a future of leadership through service.

I made myself a promise when all this started: I will be aware of problems, but focus on the healed realities. I will pray, meditate, and stay positive enough to receive my guidance so I can be part of more permanent, wise, lasting solutions than the ones that would come from an angry, impetuous, self-serving, ego. I will trust that if I live in greater joy, I can create in the present moment, and all will be well – not only for me, but for our world.

As a result, I am being pretty no-nonsense with my thoughts. “I’m tired,” quickly shifts to, “I’m so lucky I have a comfy bed, and air conditioning, and the ability to help people.” “I’m sick of the anger out there,” turns into, I think I’ll tune out the anger, go into meditation, feel the bliss of God and pray for everyone to know this love. It quickly shifts to compassion.

I have been making it a routine to appreciate everything I see and use, I thank my breakfast plate, the chickens who laid the eggs, the farmers who grew the veggies and the thousands that contributed to my cup of coffee. I stop for random “gratitude and grace” breaks throughout the day. I was admiring and thanking a gorgeous tomato that my garden offered the other day when I felt a rush of love so profound, that it felt as if I was in love! I was!

In that instant of pure love, as in all moments of pure love, waves of love poured through into the collective human consciousness. We are all embodiments of the Divine. We are God’s arteries through which the circulation of divine love flows around our world. “Don’t clog them.” the angels remind me! “Keep them open with love. Practice joy!”

Crazy? Yes, by 3D standards I’m certifiably nuts. 5D rules do seem crazy when immersed in 3D. 3D looks nuts when you live from a 5D perspective.

It makes no sense in a materialist and mechanical world-view that is bound by space and time, to nurture a strong and positive imagination of all you want to see and be. It makes TOTAL sense in a quantum reality, in which we’re really energetic beings who know we experience the energy we tune into.

It makes no sense at all to be happy in 3D when life doesn’t look as you wish. It makes total sense in 5D because you realize that your mind is your tuner and that what you experience now was what you tuned into yesterday. What you experience tomorrow is what you tune into today.

In 3D we’re stuck by our situation. In 5D we’re only limited by what we can dream and feel. In 3D miracles are impossible. In 5D they’re part of the way things work.

In 3D viruses need vaccines. In 5D you plug into streams of well-being. In 3D you fear 5G, but in 5D, 5G is just another superhighway for communication and you tune out the unwanted frequencies. I could go on, but you get the point.

In the old 3D paradigm of reality the external world has more power over you. You have to effort to make things happen. In the emerging 5D paradigm, your internal reality – your thoughts and feelings – have more power in your life and world. You align your energy to allow things to happen. You think thoughts that make you feel the feelings you want in your external world, and then you allow life to guide you to the external stuff that matches.

Both worlds have always existed. People living in the 5D paradigm have always appeared to have special powers. They’re called “blessed,” “lucky” or “miracle workers,” but in truth everyone has the abilities to point their thoughts at things that feel good until they’re in a higher vibe that allows them to aim the power that creates universes.

So as we go through this massive, bumpy, unprecedented transition to a world that increasingly embraces the 5D rules of existence, it is normal that we’ll feel the contractions. One minute you’ll feel hopeful. The next a wave of fear or doubt might wash through you. One minute you’ll be happily going about your day, the next moment tears overcome you for no apparent reason.

One minute you’re feeling wonderfully healthy and the next minute some weird condition appears. I’ve heard a lot of this going on from the dear people who email me, and I have experienced myself. We are wildly vacillating between world paradigms. When we slip into the 3D challenges, we can just refocus our minds on someting better and return to 5D creating.

What anyone else is doing has no power over what we choose to do within our own minds. Our job isn’t to make anyone else wrong or force anyone else into 5D thinking so we’re more comfy. Our job is to just start using our minds as the tuners they were intended to be, reaching for better feeling thoughts, while we allow everyone else to create their reality. “Their reality has power over my reality” is 3D thinking. “My inner reality is the only power in my life,” is 5D thinking. It is a shift in consciousness. It is do-able. I’m still working on it. It gets easier and easier with practice 🙂

Here are a few different ways to “mind your mind” so you can ride the waves of 5D into a happier, healthier, more abundant and loving life… for yourself, and for our world.

1. Play positive mind games with yourself

These may seem silly but happy thoughts = happy feelings = high vibes = grace, guidance, and real solutions. Different mental tricks work best at different times so just pick the one that seems best in the moment.

Play the Imagination/Creation Game:

Little children imagine wonderful things all the time. They create whole worlds in their mind. We can too. It might seem childish to imagine wild, wonderful happy futures for yourself and the world “in the face of reality” but we need to get in the face of reality and change it with our visions.

Immerse yourself in fantasy and imagination so rich, that your inner creations give you feels that are as real to you, if not more so than the outer world. Take the ten minutes between your alarm and your snooze alarm to imagine your best possible day, your best possible life, the best possible world. Feel it. Ask your angels for help with it. The more you practice this vibrational tune up upon awakening, the more guidance and grace you’ll feel throughout the day.

Play the “I’m a Genius” Game:

Take something you don’t like in your life and get creative. List off all the reasons you’re a genius for creating it. Have a tumor? Tell yourself that you’re brilliant for gathering up all the negative energy in one place to be removed. (I’ve heard the angels say this to many people, all of whom have healed).

Have a ridiculous ex? Congratulate yourself for graduating and moving on, and being able to send them so much light they stop bugging you because you’re in the light! Mastery! You’re a genius.

Take “Think Great & Appreciate” Grace and Gratitude Breaks

Set reminders on your phone. When they go off, take five minutes to rapidly appreciate everything you possibly can around you, in you, or in your life. Or pick one thing and talk to it with as much appreciation as you can, as if you were talking to a beloved. As gratitude flows through you, you plug into streams of grace.

2. Obsess on Outcomes, not Problems

Instead of focusing on your problems more than necessary, focus on how you’ll feel when they’re solved. Imagine the joy, the exhilaration of knowing you created your miracle, the feelings of relief.

For example, if you lost your job, imagine what it would feel like to wake up, knowing you are going to a job that you love, where you’re respected, well-liked, and well-paid. What would that feel like? The more time you spend feeling it, the more you’ll be guided. Then in “real life,” you can rest, enjoy the journey and act only when guided.

3. Strive for a higher vibe to share with Your Global tribe!

The more you envision a world of healthy, happy, people who get along with one another, the more you contribute to its creation. The more you focus on your peace, your joy, your light shining bright, the more your love ripples out into the cosmic pool, lifting others up, giving people hope, and inspiring solutions. Far from being selfish, tending to your vibe is self-care and service!

I know it isn’t the easiest time to be sensitive. It isn’t the easiest time to deal with 3D. Nonetheless, we can be “in the world but not of it,” and slowly move our thoughts towards better feelings. We can realize that choosing to find your happy even when circumstances give you no “earthly reason,” makes you perfectly sane in the eyes of heaven and the emerging 5D reality!

In this world, you take inspired, guided action only, you see past the surface of appearances and through the eyes of soul. You create real solutions rooted in love and the power that creates worlds, rather than temporary fixes to soothe a fearful ego.

We are going back and forth between the two. Be gentle and kind to yourselves right now. Happy re-BirthYear to you. Happy re-BirthYear to us. Happy re-BirthYear Dear Mother Earth!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels • A mightier force…

Message from the Angels – 3/6/2020
via Ann Albers
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In spite of a parasitic vibration of fear that seeks to separate you from one another and from your experience of the Source – for this is the nature of a virus when you look at its energy – we see an even greater force of love arising upon your planet earth.

We see streams of well-being flowing to each and every one of you, offered freely from the Source of Love and Creation itself. We see angels guiding each and every one of you. “Go here. Not there.” We see neighbors helping neighbors, people assisting total strangers as they wait in line at the supermarket, and your scientists sharing information in solidarity and the search for a cure.

While a virus, and the virus of fear seek to separate you, making you feel unsafe to touch and be near one another, there is a mightier force of love arising within human hearts that says, I will not be intimidated by a parasite! I will strengthen my light, my love, my body, and my soul. I choose health. I choose well-being. I choose to be light in the darkness of fear and stand strongly rooted in a faith that filters all ills.

By all means, take your human precautions but rather than doing so out of fear, do so in love. Do so, as guided. You have angels that care deeply about your joy, your health, your happiness, and your heart. You will hear our whispers in your natural feelings, “I feel like going here. I don’t feel like going there.” Trust those feelings. Don’t over analyze. In any given moment you are given the next step to fulfill all your desires. Your natural urges are the voices of your angels and the still small voices of the Divine.

There is, always and forevermore, only light, only Love, only One Divine. In times of financial trials, God is present. in times of plague, the Divine seeks to heal. In times of unrest upon your planet earth the Presence and Light of God remains steadfast, waiting for you to rest in its loving arms.

As world crises come and go, the reality of Love remains steadfast. Look for love dear ones in every moment of every day. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened.” Better yet, be a loving force in your world. Take care of yourselves. Feed you mind a body with healthy thoughts and healthy foods. Take care of your spirit.

Connect, dear ones, frequently, to the Source of all love. There are so many ways! Sit in silent meditation. Watch guided meditations. Feel the Presence of love silently making itself known through the love between loved ones. Go out in nature and appreciate the majesty of Love cloaked in creation. Listen to music that elevates your heart into states of expanded bliss. Appreciate yourselves…

Even in the presence of viruses, unstable finances, politics, and a variety of other challenging situations on your planet, Divine love remains constant… waiting patiently for you to connect and receive its embrace. This connection, dear friends, offers the greatest immunity, the greatest abundance, and the greatest harmony of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

Before the corona virus started in full force, I started waking up covered in what feels like “static cling.” Like an airplane leaving the bright blue skies above and descending through a fog, I felt like I was coming through a thick layer of fear as I found my way back into my body. I knew something was up.

This vibration leaves quickly as I sit in silence, focus on my heart and feel the Presence of love. The two cannot be felt at the same time. One is the cure for the other. I take time to connect to this love often. It is not just a spiritual exercise. It is incredibly practical.

I was in Costco the other day stocking up on supplies normal supplies and was amazed to find several items either very low in stock or out of stock. No vinegar for my laundry rinse cycles. No organic brown rice. Little water. No TP. Really? We’ve only had a few cases of Arizona Corona and already the concerns from the west coast seem to have infiltrated many hearts. Nonetheless, what impressed me was how people seemed to want to connect more, not less. We helped each other load the heavy items into carts. We joked. When I felt underlying unease from someone I shut my eyes, connected to love, and sent them light. We are, after all, all in this together.

When the fears all around start to infiltrate my consciousness as energy, I stop, connect with love, and allow myself to be filled with the Presence of the Divine. What will be will be. I know my intentions, not only for myself, but for friends, loved ones, and all of you. I know my prayers for the world. I know the reality I’m creating. Feeling the power that creates universes running through me, suddenly whether or not I have to run to another store for TP seems irrelevant. This is a dance of love, an adventure called life, a soulful journey through the illusions back into truth.

Now, even though I’ve had little sleep this week due to the amazing influx of emails in the in-box, creating a video the angels asked me to make and a variety of other events, I feel wide-awake, joyous, and without a care in the world. Fear can’t live in my love. Fear can’t live in yours either.

Here are some pointers to connect with Divine Love so you don’t have to dance with fearful realities…

1. Use your imagination

Imagination moves energy.

Imagine light flowing throughout you. I imagine a strong column of light along my spine from heaven to earth with energy coming down from the heavens and up from earth. Sitting in this flow I feel grace and I feel centered and balanced in my being.

Alternately imagine standing in the embrace of an angel, wings wrapped around you, leaning your head on their strong shoulder. Melt into it. They’re really there.

2. Feed your Soul “Good food” and avoid “Junk”

Read inspiring material. Watch inspiring videos. Journal inspiring thoughts. Watch uplifting shows. Go out in nature. Listen to heart opening music. View art. Do anything that lifts your vibration. When you can avoid things that drag you down. Put down an article if you don’t like it. Change the channel if a show is disturbing. Walk away from a gossipy negative conversation. Allow yourself to fill yourself with light from the external world too.

3. Focus on Love

Sit. Breathe. Focus on someone or something you love until you feel the feelings of love in your heart. Imagine expanding this feeling. Now let go of the object of your love and see if you can just focus on the feeling. Play with it. Amplify it. Allow it to rise and grow within you in your heart. Then when you need to connect you can simply call up this feeling.

The fear vibe is strong but it is nothing compared to the vibration of Divine Love that is and always will be waiting there for us to connect. Luxuriate in the love and in that reality you couldn’t be more protected.

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels • Finding Clarity in Confusion

Message from the Angels – 11.9.2019
via Ann Albers
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Most of you, at some time or another have experienced absolutely clarity in your lives. Your head and heart aligned. You knew what you wanted. You didn’t have any reservations about voicing your dream, envisioning it, and moving towards the goal. The desire for something arose organically. It was easy for you to focus on it. You moved towards your goal with decisiveness, guidance, and flow.

More often however, there is confusion in the human mind, because each one of you has a collection of voices in your head, heart, body, and mind that are often at odds with one another.

You want a relationship and yet you want to run the minute someone pays attention. You want to receive more, and yet you can’t accept a gift or a compliment. You want to lose weight, and yet you don’t want to exercise. You want to make more money yet you focus on all you lack. You want to declutter your house and yet you keep bringing more things home. You want to be more loving but find yourself becoming angry…

Most of you have, at times, felt a little crazy.

We guarantee nearly every human being on the planet has experienced these conflicts. In truth, a majority of souls feel them on a regular basis.

You DO have a collection of voices in your head. They are the voices of your past selves. They are the voices of your ancestors’ beliefs. They are the voices of your culture, your teachers, your rules, and… ultimately your true self as well. They are the voices of your hopes and the voices of your fears.

So how do you find clarity when you have a busy inner committee with each voice vying for attention?

When these conflicting voices start to cause confusion, Stop. Breathe. Become deeply present, simply by noticing everything around you. Observe your thoughts. Breathe again. Silence the mind to the best of your ability. Ask your body, “Body, what do you need?” Now drop into your heart. “Heart, what do you want?”

Your body has an intelligence. It knows what it needs to be healthy. Your heart has an intelligence too. It is your “hot line to the Divine.” All the other voices – the voices of fear, the voices of reason, the voices of wishful thinking, the voices of mistrust or pain – each of these comes from a part inside of you that needs love and wants attention. With love and respect either ask the other voices to leave, or negotiate with them. Be kind to yourself, or shall we say, your “selves,” because these other voices are all parts of you.

Dear ones your heart truly does know what is required to help you towards your dreams. The heart will never steer you wrong in the present moment. Your body truly does know what it needs to be happy and healthy.

Try it now. Ask your body, “Body what do you need?” “Heart what is our next step?” Then, love yourself enough to listen for you are worthy of your own love, attention, and focus. The more you practice this the more easily you will find peace and clarity in your lives.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

Sometimes, a particular hike calls to me. Last month the mountain spoke. I have passed it hundreds of times on my way to other hikes. I’ve watched it change in the fading sunsets and I’ve seen rainbows arc gracefully over its top. I’d hiked to the top over 15 years ago with friends, and watched it burn during a little over a decade ago in an epic fire. The summit, with its amazing views was like a siren beckoning. I wanted to be up there.

I chose a day and set out early. At 7am it was 40 degrees out, and the sun had not yet peeked over the horizon. The sky was a pale silver, quickly turning to blue, and a few clouds were glowing a blazing pink. It felt like I was driving through heaven at dawn and I couldn’t wait to get on the trail.

The steep path wound upwards through the forest, plateaued for a little while amidst shorter vegetation, then started to ascend once again. Dawn broke over the neighboring ridge and washed the canyon walls with breathtaking rays of light. I stopped to look back. I had climbed a long way in a short time.

As the sun burst over the ridge, the red rocks started to glow and the sky became electric blue. I was tired, winded, and had a long, long way to go, but I was so happy to be there and to be alive. “Thank you, thank you, thank you God, for the glory and majesty all around me!” The prayer erupted unbidden, from my very being.

The path began to ascend even more steeply, now zig-zagging along the mountainside. It narrowed, turned to slippery gravel, and dropped off steeply on one side. My legs were starting to hurt. I was becoming painfully aware that I was out of shape. The summit looked beautiful, but impossibly far away.

There, in the midst of all that beauty and majesty, the “inner committee” began to argue within itself and bombard me with a litany of doubt, fear, and self-criticism.

“What were you thinking Ann! One false step and you’ll slide right off the mountain! There’s no one else on the entire path! No one would find you. You’d freeze up here if you weren’t moving!” “Stop it! I’m not going to fall.” I talked back to the voices. “I’ve been here before. I’m fine.” “Oh really? You’re tired, shaky, and out of breath.” The voices of defeat started to assert themselves. “Well I will go slow then!” I proceeded to climb, nervously taking each step and placing my feet with great caution.

In spite of that, my foot slipped on a loose rock and I started to lose my balance. I caught and steadied myself, feeling completely, uncharacteristically, unnerved. The summit was miles away and seemed to be getting no closer. I felt like an ant trying to reach the top of the Empire state building and didn’t know if I could do it. By this time, my “inner committee” was having a meltdown.

“I can’t do this. I’m too out of shape! I’ll never make it! I should just go back now!” I gulped in air, trying to fill my lungs with oxygen. I wanted to climb and I wanted to quit, all at the same time. I remembered the angels’ advice…

“Heart what do you want?” “I want to go to the summit,” my heart whispered. “OK” I thought.

“Body what do you want?” “I want to climb, to feel strong, healthy, and powerful, and (this really got me) I want you to trust me! I’m in tune with the earth. I’m connected to her. I’m not going to let you fall, if you would just stop over thinking every step! Enjoy the journey. Trust the trail! I’ve got this.”

I heard the collective voice of my trillions of cells and felt an overwhelming love welling from this community of tiny beings that make up my body. I couldn’t believe it! My cells were comforting me, as surely as I try to comfort Mother Earth in my own prayers! I nearly cried, the love was exquisite and intense. “Dear God,” I wondered, “is this what Mother Earth feels when we send her our love?” “Yes,” I heard her reply. “I do.” Wow.

Energized and filled with confidence once again, I caught my breath, and climbed onward, this time present, joyous, and relaxed. I stepped with confidence. I paced myself. I prayed, “Let my every step be a blessing upon this earth!” I saw one heart shaped rock after another on the trail!

The trail reached another plateau. Walking through a ten-year old forest of golden oaks and the charcoal black skeletons of burnt-out trees towering overhead, I could see for miles.

Even more breathtaking vistas awaited at the top. I was all alone with the mountain, on top of my world, towering over red rock cliffs and time worn canyons. Wind whistled through the pines and their needles formed a carpet soft as a down comforter, where I feasted on a picnic lunch and took a nap watching the giant trees swaying overhead. I thanked my heart and my body for loving me enough to give me this experience, rejoicing once again for finding clarity amidst confusion.

So often, the voices in our heads, hearts, and bodies seem to be at war amongst themselves. Nonetheless, we can always drop into our hearts, and connect with our bodies in order to find a deeper truth.

9.5 miles later, and 2300 feet up, then down again, I made it to the summit and back – literally and metaphorically – simply by listening to that truth.

Here are some pointers to help you find clarity when the conflicting voices within leave you lost in confusion…

1. Get Present… first with life and then with yourself

Temporarily cease the chatter. Stop. Breathe slowly and deeply. Look around to focus on the world outside for once instead of the incessant chatter within. Really examine your environment. Examine your hands. Breathe. See if you can temporarily silence your mind and just be with the scene around you.

Once you feel more settled and present, as your heart, “Heart what do you want right now?” Ask your body, “Body what do you want?”

Trust the first answers or impressions that pop in your mind.

2. Separate out the voices

If you still can’t find clarity, write down each conflicting thought. “I want to do this.” “I don’t have time.” “I am afraid.” “What’s wrong with me?”

After you write down each conflicting thought, focus on one at a time. See which ones feel good. Which ones make you happy or relaxed? Those are more likely to be the voices of truth.

3. Negotiate

If dissenting voices still won’t leave you alone, talk to them. For each negative voice, ask, “Who inside me feels this way? How are you trying to help me?”

Negotiate with the voices that try to dissuade you from your dreams. Imagine they are little people inside of you. Ask them if they’ll take a new job or go into the light. Imagine writing the thought on a balloon and letting go, or use any other visual imagery that symbolizes releasing it to the heavens.

In other words, become the CEO of your “inner committee” treating all members with respect, but being very clear about which voices are allowed to remain.

We all have quite an “inner committee” at times. We have all felt like we are odds within ourselves.

Happily we all have a consciousness in our bodies that knows what to do, and a “hot line to heaven” in our hearts.

Love you all! Have a blessed week and may clarity be with you!

Photo of the Week
Photo of the weekPhoto by Ann Albers in Northern AZ
A climb through the many voices in my mind…

Ann & the Angels • Your Purpose is SO Simple!

Message from the Angels – 5/18/2019
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful projects, hoping that once you “find your purpose” you will also feel significant in the greater scheme of life. You want to feel like you matter.

Dear ones, you matter right now, whether you are sitting in your house recovering from an injury and doing nothing at all, or whether you are out feeding or inspiring millions.  Each one of you plays a beautiful part in the tapestry of life. Each one of you is important. There is not a single one of you without purpose.

No matter what you do, what you build, or how many souls you care for, there is always and only one underlying purpose to life – to remember, to re-experience your connection with the eternal source of love in yourself and in all of creation, and to allow that love to have unique experiences through you as you use your free will to create.

We can sum it up very easily… see love, be love, allow love to flow through you into your creations and your life.

If you are laying on the couch recovering from an illness or injury watching endless hours of TV to pass the time, love yourself. Love your tenacity to keep going and healing. Love the fact that you are doing something that distracts you from pain because you care about your own comfort.  Pray for your healing. Pray for the healing of all others with this condition, or any condition for that matter.  Your love is your service. Your love is your truth.

If you are feeding or inspiring thousands, do so from a place of balance and love. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Know when to rest. Develop healthy boundaries and a healthy routine of self care so you can keep going strong. Put your heart, your family, and your personal priorities on an equal level with those you serve and then you will serve from a cup that “runneth over” rather than serving from a need to be needed.

Dear ones, it is your internal state that determines whether or not you fulfill the purpose of love here upon this earth. No matter what you are doing, you can see love, be love, and live in the flow of love.

It is easy to love in heaven. It is easy to feel your connection to the sun when it shines upon you. However, when that light is hidden by clouds or the gray shadows of winter, can you still find and feel a warmth within and share that with others?  This is your journey here upon the earth.

If you were to lift very tiny weights you would not become strong, but if you gradually increase the weights you lift, you would become mighty indeed! If you love when love is easy, that is beautiful, but if you really want to learn to love, then you incarnate on a planet where loving – self and others – is not always easy. You grow that “muscle” in small ways at first, choosing to care for yourself, to accept yourself, to be kind to yourself, and then you increase your “weights” by loving others – even those who are hard to love.

Love the light within them, dear ones. You do not have to even like the personality or the behavior. See and witness the light in others using your imagination – your inner eye. Imagine those souls who hurt and confuse you burning with a very great light emanating from their hearts. Imagine this light expanding with them, embracing them, dissolving the illusions of their pain and suffering until they too can feel the love that sources their very being.

You could bring the dead to life and the emotionally dead to love if you could do this strongly enough, from a place of knowing the light within yourself as well.

Dear ones you have purpose – now and always and forevermore. Even in your darkest moments, you deepest sadness, you most fiery angers, you are seeking to reconnect with love.  Realize this and suddenly the smallest act in your life becomes imbued with deep purpose. Wash your dishes with love.  Pack your lunch with love. Send an email with a blessing and wish of love for the receiver. Pay your bills and bless them and give thanks for the eternal flow that will provide the refill.

The simplest, smallest act or thought achieved with love is greater than the mightiest contribution achieved with out.

We see your purpose and your light at all times. Our service to you is to bear witness to the truth of your being so you too can step into that light, experience its bliss, and become the light, the way, the truth for those who are not yet there.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Ann & the Angels • Life-The Soul’s Dream

Message from the Angels – 3/16/2019
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine that all your problems are simply dreams from which you have to awaken. Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow morning, and before you even open your eyes, you think to yourself, “Oh wow!!! I remember I am an amazing creator! I had a dream that I forgot! How awful. How unpleasant. Thank Goodness, I remember now!”

Then, lying there in your bed you begin to consciously design your day.You think about all you wish to accomplish, and ask your angels for help. You go through a list of people you care about and imagine each one happy and healthy. You imagine your body feeling strong and healthy. And then you imagine yourself, laying here in bed at the end of the day, feeling completely satisfied, loved, and happy about your day.

Now, dear ones, you are ready to put your feet upon the floor and get on with life!

You are creators. The more deliberately you decide upon, feel, and focus on what you wish for on a daily basis, the more your lives will begin to conform to your will, rather than you conforming to the whims and wiles of the world.

There are exceptions of course. You may not get the exact form of your dream. Instead you’ll get “that or better.”You can’t create for someone else but you can support what he or she is creating. You can even “invite” him or her into a better reality by imagining them healthy, happy, abundant, expressed or whatever it is you wish for them.

Start your days, dear ones, consciously. Rather than rolling out of bed groaning about your days, wake up and say, “Oh yes! I am a creator! This is what I wish to create today! This is what I want help with! Thank you God! Thank you Angels! I can imagine how wonderful I will feel at the end of this day!” Keep practicing this and soon you will see your day to day reality transform into a much happier and more miracle filled existence.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I had a wild dream the other night. I dreamt that I was dreaming and waking up – over and over again. It was like a life review, in which I saw various scenes from my life. After each one I dreamed that I was “waking up from a dream” (while still in my nightly dream) with complete understanding about what I had learned.

I saw and felt very difficult times and felt the relief of “waking up” knowing they never hurt the real me – they were just lessons. I saw incredibly happy times and “woke up” (still in my nightly dream) feeling joyous about my adventures. Thus, while dreaming I saw my situations as a dream within a dream, and awakened time and again with renewed understanding about my life.

At long last, the alarm went off and I woke up in this 3D world, feeling profound love for everyone – even the ones that hurt me. Seen in the light of my dream, they were just characters who supported my awakening.

Imagine that this reality is the soul’s dream. Imagine that we are only sleeping, unaware of our true nature and trying to remember… as surely as may people try to awaken within their nightly dreams and experience the absolute freedom that lucidity brings? Imagine we can become lucid in this dream and take charge of our universe. I believe we can.

I do start every morning off with my “honey-do” list for the universe! (Honey do this. Honey do that!)I tell the angels what it is I choose to create. I decide what I want to feel at the end of the day. Then throughout the day I notice when I’m straying from my goals, when I’m feeling other than how I decided to feel, when I’m pretending to be a victim rather than a creator. Starting my day off this way totally transforms my experience. If I don’t know what I want, I just intend for a very loving day!  I’m certainly not the first to share this idea! It works however. It is worth doing. Things flow with greater ease.

I even break it down at times into the “next phase” of life… I caught myself rushing around the other morning, because I had awakened later than usual, and I felt I could not get everything I needed to do before work. I stopped, visualized and asked for help… “Universe, before work I want to do yoga, stretching, sit-ups, eat a good breakfast, read a few minutes of something inspirational, answer emails, get ready for work, and have ten minutes to spare.” Presto, I stopped rushing and time warped. I got it all in.

We’re just tuning into various realities in a matrix of infinite possibility. Why not tune into what we want?

Last Sunday I decided to go up north. I always program my fun days like this…”I surround me and my car with protection. I bless all drivers on the road. I ask for the most loving, magical, amazing day possible. I want to experience the beauty of nature, the depth of my own soul. Make my interactions with others loving and kind. Give me treats and magical surprises…” and so on.

Drivers were kind to me or I don’t notice them. I was guided to a spot by the creek where the roaring water sent me into an instant meditation. Inspired by my recent explorations of how cold can catalyze us to go quickly into our own depths, I put my feet in the icy creek, breathed and went within, then got so warm I had to peel off layers!

Joyously energized I drove down the creek. I got stuck in a traffic jam and read several chapters of an inspiring book. In town again, a car pulled out in front of me so I got a parking space in an otherwise insanely crowded area.

Feeling guidedI parked right in front of a shop with great coffee and a candy store where I got a single piece of decadent dark chocolate.While enjoying my treats and blessing life, I ran into a painter whose doggy gave me a heaping dose of furry love, before driving home and giving thanks for life for the next two hours. What a beautiful dream for my soul! What a beautiful day in 3D for my human self!

Here are some powerful ways you can play with the notion that this human life is the soul’s dream…

1. Imagine you dreamed your painful times…

After reading this close your eyes. Imagine a painful time in your life. Imagine now that you are in bed waking up. You remember the painful time was just a dream! It is over! You feel HUGE relief! You feel wonderful. You look at it symbolically… What did you learn? Give thanks you are awake in your wonderful “New Now!” Allow yourself to feel that a bad dream is over. You are awake now.

2. Imagine you can wake up from current challenges…

After reading this close your eyes. Take one circumstance in your life that you don’t care for now. Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with a totally different and better reality. Imagine waking up with insight about how to solve the problem. Imagine waking up feeling healthy, happy, abundant, or whatever it is you want to feel. Keep imagining this until it actually happens one day.

3. Imagine today is YOUR dream…

When you wake up, imagine your day as you wish it to be. Imagine how that would feel. When you get stressed, stop and remind yourself, “This is my dream!” Imagine things how you want them to go. When life shows you different, go back to the dream and keep creating.

If someone is unkind, imagine they’re just a character in your dream. When you have a debt imagine it is just a symbol of where you feel you owe the world. When you have a health challenge, imagine it is just forgetting your perfection. Shift to what you want to feel. Keep it up until you become the author of this “3D Dream.”

I love my nighttime dreams, but the more I play with waking life as if it were a dream, the more fun life becomes. Try it; you just might be waving your own magic wand, creating more than you ever thought possible!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels – The Eclipse and You

from 1/26/2019 (referencing last weekend’s eclipse and then Ann’s enthusiastic overview of Wim Hof’s Method…meditation, breathing and cold therapy)

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Be gentle with yourselves this week. The energy of last weekend’s eclipse has caused each and every one of you to dive deep and examine your “shadows” as surely as earth witnessed her own reflected upon the moon.

This is why you may have had sudden intense fears, upsets or issues you thought you were done with coming up for examination. In the end, this is a gift, for the things that hold you back in life are rarely the things you are aware of inside of you, but far more often the subtle fears, stuffed upsets, and bottled up emotions that you have forgotten all about. These energies live deep inside of you waiting to be released. They often show up at times when the global energy catalyzes movement. They show up in life circumstances that match their unpleasant vibration. They even show up, at times, in illness.

So when you find one of these “old friends” rather than being upset with yourself or the outside world, celebrate. What has been revealed, can be healed.

Instead of falling into blaming yourself, blaming life circumstances, blaming the creator, etc., stop and breathe. Welcome this old feeling into your heart and ask it, “Fear/Anger/Upset/Sadness/etc. What are trying to teach me that I have ignored?” Then listen.

Wait for a phrase, a knowing, a feeling of the answer. Bless your fear/anger/upset/sadness. Thank it for the message. Then ask it if it is willing to leave. Promise it you will honor its message. Breathe deeply and ask us – your angels for help in dissipating the energy. If you have to, imagine handing us a ball of staticy, dark energy and seeing us lifting it into the light to be transformed. Watch your life change as a result of this release.

You are brave souls for being on your earth in such exciting times! This great movement of energy can be frightening or, like a big wave to an avid surfer, it can be exhilarating. The denser energies that have held you back for lifetimes are being washed up for release so you can create space for the glorious light of the Divine to flow through you unblocked and unbounded.

Just like the eclipse, as you witness your shadow, you can then allow it to move on, in order to give way to greater light!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

This is a long one, but its a fun story of mind over matter while facing a past life fear…

I’ve had hundreds of emails from people this week going through intense fears, upsets, insecurities, flipped out relationships, you name it. Because I chose to make “honesty” (with self) my word of the year, I’ve been taking extremely good care of myself. As a result, I have had a more peaceful passage through this eclipse energy.

I was however, guided to confront and move past a past life fear! First a little background…

I was surfing YouTube one night with the intent of learning something new when I stumbled upon an interview with a guy named “Wim Hof” from the Netherlands. He’s also known as “The Iceman.” At age 17 he was inpsired to jump into a frozen lake. His breathing changed and he experienced what he calls “Connection” for the very first time – a mystical feeling of being at one with the universe. It set him on a lifelong quest that would eventually result in shifting modern scientific paradigms.

After the loss of his wife, grief catalyzed him to seek inner power. He broke one world record after the next as television crews challenged him to do the extreme – climb Mt. Everest in shorts, sit in ice water for over an hour without ill effect, run a marathon in the desert without water. Finally science got ahold of him and began to study the physiology of these “miracles.” 

They proved that he alkalizes the body, mobilizes the immune system, and gains control over the autonomous nervous system – previously thought to be outside human control.

He allowed himself to be injected with endotoxins in a scientific study, to prove that his breathing system allowed him to control the immune response, and did so. He even trained 12 others, in four days, to do the same! Unlike traditional breathwork which engages the calming side of the nervous system (para-sympathetic), this one engages and then allows quick reset of the activating side of the nervous system (sympathetic). It seems counter-intuitive but it is scientifically validated to have phenomenal effects.

His now continues to work with researchers to prove this breathing helps to heal depression, ptsd, and more, and has a mission teaching others this breathing method that makes them “happy, strong, and healthy.”

I spent an entire Sunday night binge-watching the interviews. Mastery, mysticism, and scienctific validation? I couldn’t get enough!

I immediately went to his website,* read the science articles, and signed up for the free mini-class. After two days of doing the easy breathing exercises, I had more energy, clarity and focus that I’ve had in ages, not to mention passion and joy. Cuts started healing faster, my meditations went deeper. Something was definitely working! Instead of my usual 3 pushups (you can laugh!) I was able to do foureen after just one round of breathwork!

I loved the breathing. However, I was dead set against the second aspect of his training – ice cold showers. Not. For. Me.

I had good reason. I drowned on the Titanic and then starved and froze in my recent past lives. I’ve been in cold water voluntarily only a few times this life and each time I shuddered violently and felt a visceral fear as if my body knew I was going to die. I’ve tried to avoid that experience!!

So I shocked myself when suddenly I had the urge to watch and try out the second video. I got in my swimsuit, did the breathing, performed the specific technique to a “T” and stood there with freaking ice water pouring all over me feeling alive, exhilirated, and unafraid. Furthermore, weirdly, I was warm on the inside!

I decided to test this a bit further. I went up north and decided to stick my hand in the icy creek. At first it felt like cold pins pricking me but within seconds my entire body began to heat up. I got so warm I had to peel off my coat! My hand felt amazing. Circulation was better than usual. Next I stuck both legs and arms into the ice water. Again I felt the prickly daggers of cold and again I started breathing until the heat came on and I relaxed in this most amazing feeling of being vibrantly alive and warm!

I was euphoric! I wanted to dance! No more fear of dying. No more fear of freezing. Some deep old fear in my body finally let go as I recognized what the angels have said often, “The spirit is in charge of the body, not vice versa!” I’ve had experiences of this from time to time, but never with such joy!

So while there’s no need to seek out all your fears and upsets, if they do come up for examination here are a few pointers to deal with them below…

* Note that if you try his method, read the warnings on the website as people with certain conditions shouldn’t do it without supervision.

1. Bless the trigger and determine to reclaim your inner power.

When fear comes up, or anger, or any of a host of other unpleasant emotions, it is easy to blame the trigger. “That person hurt me.” “The ice water killed me in a past life,” and so on. There are a million life circumstances and things people can do to trigger our pain, anger, fear, or sadness.

It is a spiritual trap, nonetheless, to blame the outside world for these feelings. We can never move past them if we hold on to feeling victimized (the angels say you can be victimized without conscious consent, but it is a choice to carry that energy with you).

It is far more powerful to bless the trigger and determine inwardly to reclaim your inner power. A good friend says to herself, when someone hurts her feelings, “Thank you for showing me areas in which I need to grow into greater power.”

2. Ask your emotional energy what is is trying to teach you?

In my case, the fear was coming up to teach me I was more than a body. Although I knew that. It was time to have the experience a little more deeply.

Anger has come up in the past to teach me that I needed to change the way I treated myself when others wouldn’t, or at times to bring attention to areas where I needed more compassion – starting with myself.

Sadness has come up when I had to admit a need for comfort or help, and ask the universe to provide. In each case, the so-called negative emotion has a gift for you.

Ask what the gift might be.

3. Determine to make the appropriate changes and imagine handing the dense energy to the angels

For example, say someone really hurt you. Perhaps the message is that you are being asked to focus on more pleasant experiences in life and move your attention away from them. Perhaps you’re learning boundary lessons. Perhaps you’re learning to put your foot down. Your spirit will tell you. Resolve to make the change and then imagine handing a mass of unpleasant dense, dark energy to the angels. They’ll burn it up in the light of love and “recycle” it! In my case the breathing burnt up the fear!

While it is easy to blame our moods or fears on others or the world, there is great power and freedom in owning and learning from our own reactions! Try it this week and although it might not be comfy at first to give up victim thinking, it will definitely be empowering!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels – Creating Your New Year Now!

Message from the Angels – 12/29/2018
Messages from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy Almost New Year to you! Those of you on this list know our belief – that in every breath you begin a new year, a new moment, a new life, a new you! That said, we understand that as human beings you need mileposts and markers – times in your life to pause, reflect, recalibrate, and resurrect the light from within!

Take a few moments before the new year to ponder this question… “In exactly one year from now, what do I want my life to look like?” Who will be in it? How will I feel? What will my body be like? Take time dear ones and really allow yourself to be completely honest with you! If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life be like this time next year?

Now, get out a piece of paper and write upon it your wishes. I want to be healthy. I want to lose weight. I want to be more flexible, tolerant, and kind. I want to resolve my unpleasant feelings with a certain person whether the healing is inside or out. I want a new home. I want to feel safe and secure in my finances. I want to take a glorious vacation. I want to find ways to make my body feel vital and alive. I want a new career that makes me feel abundant, expressed. and appreciated. I want to learn a new skill…

Keep going. Make sure each and every item on the list makes your heart leap with joy as you think of having it.

Next, take time and with each item, really imagine that you are at this time next year and that thing or condition is in your life. Imagine it deeply. Feel it. Repeat this exercise until you actually have taken the time to feel deeply each and everything that you want as if it is already here. Your imagination may be a bit rusty but if you keep at it, you will bring it – and your creative powers that enlist the assistance of the entire universe – to life!

Now put your list away in a special place – perhaps a pretty envelope in a drawer, upon your alter, or under a beautiful piece of art! Be creative. 

As the year approaches, every single time you think of anything on that list, without exception, your only job is to say to yourself…

“There’s no need to worry. The universe is working on all my dreams. I simply have to enjoy my days and honor my guidance. My life unfolds in perfection. I trust that the Creator of Universes can fulfill all my heart’s desires.”

There you go dear friends! You have set the entire universe in motion to fulfill your dreams! Print that affirmation out. Carry it with you. Repeat it often. And then, at this time next year, take out your lists and be amazed at the miracles that have been created in your life!

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy joyous celebration of life’s ability to be recreated anew! 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I love those angels! Years ago they had me do a similar exercise – writing everything down and then looking back. I was indeed amazed. Nearly everything on the list had come in some fashion or another.

We work so hard to “make” things happen. We over-think our strategies. We do what we learned. We analyze things to death. In reality, reality can be so much easier! 

As the angels like to say, “Set the universe in motion and get out of the way!”

We set it in motion by being honest about our desires and imagining how they’d feel in their fruition. We get out of the way by focusing on anything joyful in the here and now and then honoring our guidance, also known as our heart’s desires!

When I wanted a house years ago I didn’t do tons of research or worry about when, how, how much. I set a budget, made my list of wishes and waited. I drove around when I had the urge, found a house that didn’t quite suit me and waited … until the Realtor in that house sent me a list of other houses and the one I currently live in and love was on the top of the list.

When I wanted to get my work out to the world, I set the intent and waited. Years later, the means to get it on the web on video appeared right in front of me.

When I wanted to figure out how to find time to work massive overtime during the holidays while at the same time enjoying them I imagined everything flowing with grace and ease and just honored my heart. Everything flowed delightfully!

When I wanted to forgive people in the past who had been fairly horrible to me I stopped “trying” and just allowed myself my feelings while praying and imagining what this peace would feel like, and little by little I woke up feeling more compassion until I was able to hear the angels tell me the pain that motivated them.

May 2019 be the year you give up struggles, enlist the universe’s assistance, and enjoy your lives as the magic unfolds

Here are some pointers to embrace the angels exercise this week and therefore a miraculous new year!

1. Make your list

Take a few hours at least. Really breathe and drop into your heart. This time next year what would you like life to look like? What do you wish to see appearing in your life, your body, your heart, your mind… Make your list and make sure you really get down to the things and feelings and conditions that matter to you. Take this exercise seriously… and then the universe will too!

Your list can be as long or short as you like. No rules. No right. No wrong. The only criteria is to write down what is truly in your heart.

2. Feel it

For each item, imagine you already have that in your life, heart, or body. Ask yourself, “How would I feel?” Don’t just answer intellectually… really get to the feeling. Keep asking yourself questions until you get there? If you had your new job, for example, how would you feel when you wake up? When you drive to work? Can you imagine the satisfaction of working with people you love who value you? Get juicy!

When you can feel it, you know you’ve “dialed in.” If you can’t feel it yet, get online and look for examples of others who have what you want. Read about how they feel. Imagine that is you.

3. Enjoy your day

This is the hardest part! We fall back so easily into attempting to control life, others, and our dreams. Remind yourself…

“There’s no need to worry. The universe is working on all my dreams. I simply have to enjoy my days and honor my guidance. My life unfolds in perfection. I trust that the Creator of Universes can fulfill all my heart’s desires.”

A download-able version is here:

angel affirmations

Happy blissed, blessed, & magical new year to all of you! May it be a year of dreams come true!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels – Happy Holiday Thoughts

Message from the Angels
Messages from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

It is a human tendency to be nostalgic during your holiday season – to reminisce, and dream of times gone by. Remembering times with loved ones, simpler times, times with joyful memories is a wonderful pastime… if it makes you happy in the here and now. 

If recalling the past makes you upset or dissatisfied with the present moment, it is far better to ask, “How can I make this day more special? How can I immerse myself in the here and now with my Presence and my Love? How can I bring the best of me into my present?”

Imagine you were going on a trip. Before you leave, you walk into a room with photos of your past. You can pick up any you choose to bring with you on your journey. The only catch is that the photos of the unpleasant times are much heavier than the photos of the good times.

Some of you would feel obliged to carry even the heavy photos. You would say, “These made me who I am! I have to remember. I don’t want to make my mistakes again.” Your suitcases would be very heavy indeed. Some of you would pick up only the light happy memories. You would say, “I want to take only the best of my life with me.” Your suitcases would be light and comfortable.

Some of you would say, “Bless my past but I don’t want to carry any of it with me! I am who I am now. Who cares how I got here! Let’s enjoy new adventures!” There is no right, no wrong, just a choice to be made about how much and what you wish to carry with you.

Likewise, in life, you can carry the heavy burdensome memories of the past, you can carry only the light and beautiful memories, or you can bless the past and look at life as an adventure as it unfolds.

Our recommendation is simple. Choose thoughts that make you happy now. Whether these are joyful memories, thoughts of appreciation about the present, or thoughts anticipating wonderful things to come, any thought that makes you happy puts you in touch with the love that is ever-present in the moment. 

If your traditions and memories inspire a sense of happiness within you now, enjoy them!

If however, traditions or memories no longer give you joy, or don’t resonate with you now, choose to focus on something different, new, or better.

Your holidays are a celebration of light birthed in darkness. By choosing the thoughts that make you happy now, you birth the light into your life… one day, one thought at at ime.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

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Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I remember my first Christmas alone. I had left my marriage, my home, my dogs and my job earlier in the year. I had spent long enough feeling sorry for myself in months prior and was determined to enjoy the holidays. I decorated with love, baked cookies to share with everyone I knew, and invited friends over for Christmas eve.

Nonetheless when I woke up alone on Christmas day I started to slip into a wallowing bout of self-pity. As the angels like to say, those thoughts, didn’t “serve my joy.” I realized quickly that my expectations were making me miserable. I started to choose different thoughts…

“What if I didn’t worry about doing Christmas the way I’d always done it? What would I do for fun if I were truly in the moment.” Suddenly I realized I really wanted to be outdoors. I wanted to go for a hike. I threw on my hiking boots and some warm clothing and hopped in the car. The streets were quiet. I knew that in most of the houses families sat gathered in love. My family was 3000 miles away. Still, determined to have a good day, although not traditional, I drove to Camelback Mountain in the center of Phoenix, locked the car, and proceeded to climb.

To my surprise many others had the same idea. Smiling souls greeted me on the trail and wished me Merry Christmas. There was a festive atmosphere on the mountain. Although I was huffing and puffing when I reached the top, I couldn’t help but smile! It was a holiday party with family I didn’t even know I had! Everyone was singing, happy, sharing treats, and enjoying the beautiful day. We may have been a diverse crowd but we shared our love of nature, the crisp air and the holiday spirit.

It got even better. A group of students reached the top, and among them was a Scottish Exchange student dressed in a kilt full regalia, carrying his bagpipes! I realized I hadn’t lived fully until I heard “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” on bagpipes! Seriously, I was thrilled! What a treat! There was no way I would have enjoyed such diversity and love sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

Now my holidays give me great joy. Instead of waiting for others and the outside world to create the season I love, I do my best to create it for others. My home is warm, welcoming, and festive. My kitchen smells like cinnamon and spice. Although we’ve cut way back on presents, my friends and I enjoy each others’ Presence thoroughly. My family and I facetime. It is a truly blissful time of year even with long hours and a lot to do.

The power of our mind to choose better thoughts is one of the biggest blessings we have. A single thought can fill you with joy or bring you down. A thought can relax your body and allow you to breathe, or make your heart beat with anxiety. A thought can block us from experiencing the angels love or open us to receive an outpouring of heavenly bliss…

Here are some pointers to help you choose thoughts that bring you joy…

1. Take Regular Moments of Appreciation

Set a timer in your home or on your phone and every time it rings, stop, breathe, and consciously look for three things to appreciate right here and now. Soon it will become habit to look for the good!

2. Remember a good time

Ask yourself randomly, “What is one happy memory?” See what shows up. Revel in the good feelings. Feel your body relax. The minute your mind starts to wander and say, “Yes but its gone…” refocus on the good feeling. With time you will be able to look back in life and see only goodness and growth.

3. Anticipate the best

Think of something you want to experience. How will it feel? Can you feel your happy future now? If so you have totally tuned into it in your present and you are actually “mailing yourself” a present in the future by creating it!

While it may seem that our thoughts are a runaway train and our traditions are on auto-pilot, choice is a powerful tool for tuning into all that is good and beautiful. Pick up those good memories. Keep shifting away from unhappy thoughts, one at at time, and soon you’ll train your brain to focus on the vibration of joy!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels – Joy

via Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Before you came to earth, you intended to experience life with a spirit of adventure, discovery, and desire. You intended to create joy, seek joy, and share joy, for joy is a celebration of love and love is your natural state of being.

When you do anything with joy, you tune into the pure creative energy of the universe. When you take delight in anything in your present moment, you open to the flows of grace. When you savor a sip of your coffee, delight in the smiles of your children, or simply admire a passing cloud, you are feeling nothing less than the presence of the Divine.

Your joy need not wait for perfect conditions. You can always seek it in the here and now. To feel joy, you don’t require health, wealth, or love. If you are sick you can find joy in the comforting touch of a loved one, in your favorite blanket, or in the sweet peace of sleep. If you feel impoverished you can find joy in the vast abundance of natural delights and the wealth of kind souls. If you are feeling lonely you can savor a perfect moment of smelling a rose, sitting in silence in front of a beautiful piece of art, or listening to the strains of an uplifting song.

Finding joy is simply an act of choosing to focus upon what gives your heart delight. Take a moment. Look around you. Look within you. See what can give your heart delight right here and now. Is it a color? A texture? A piece of furniture or a car you love? The thought of the waves rolling in upon the ocean? The memory of a cool breeze? A loved one? The smile of one you loved a long time ago? Look around and look withinYou will discover so many ways to find and acknowledge joy in the here and now.

The heart naturally seeks joy. The mind easily negates it.

The heart says, “What a beautiful day!” The mind yes, “Yes but admiring the sunshine won’t pay the bills!”

The heart says, “I am so blessed. I have loved many times this lifetime!” The mind says, “Yes but there is no one now!”

The heart says, “What an incredibly beautiful color.” The mind says, “Yes, but so what! Admiring beauty won’t change your life.”

These “Yes, but’s…” rob you of an exquisitely joyful experience of life.

Joy will actually help you pay the bills. if you are a positive person, people are inclined to assist you. If you are look for the good others will see good in you. In joy you are more likely to be offered jobs, given promotions, and to be inspired to create work that you love.

Joy will bring wonderful people into your life. You know from your own experience that you are drawn to people who seem to be in love with life. They are captivating, alluring, fascinating, delightful! Love seeks itself in another.

Joy can change your entire life. Joy is your guide and your compass. Joy leads you into circumstances that can give you a whole new understanding of who you are and what you are capable of doing. Seeking your joy can bring you new ideas. Maybe that blue color you admire becomes your new brand color, or maybe you decide to take up painting. Maybe it reminds you of how much you love the night sky, so you take a walk at sunset and meet the love of your life… Joy guides you.

Take your joy seriously dear ones. Look for it in the here and now. What pleases you? What thoughts make you feel the most uplifted and happy?

Don’t wait for circumstances to look right. Don’t wait for others to behave as you wish. Create joy now. Seek joy now. Then you will become a beacon of light in this world and a light that the world wishes to love in return.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I just came back from a visit with my family, including my two little nieces. There’s nothing that can capture my heart so quickly as hearing delighted squeals of “Aunt Ann! Aunt Ann! Aunt Ann!” I could have melted into a puddle as I heard their joy when they came running to the door.

I was immediately dragged down the stairs of their new home to the “dance room” – a large unfinished basement that my brother and sister-in-law are in the process of remodeling. For now there at two-by-fours on the walls, and a carpet on the floor – nothing else. To the adults it has potential. To two little girls it is the perfect playroom!

My oldest niece (who is seven) grabbed my hand and took off running with me. We both squealed and giggled as we raced from one end of the basement to the other, catching each other’s hands, twirling, dancing, and finally collapsing on two little pink bean bag chairs, only to get up and do it again. Joy knew no bounds in the “dance” room! Eventually, tired of running, I was invited into the “Secret Lair” – a card table with copious amounts of painters tape artfully woven around the sides so we couldn’t been seen. Never mind the painters tape was expensive… it was a glorious blue and oh it offered possibility!

Next up was watching Disney’s “Tangled,” eating a great meal, then down to the basement again for more play. This time they became my “baby birds” and I had to “feed” them worms made of colorful beads strung together. I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in ages!

Children naturally seek joy. They don’t think about what to do. They just follow their fancy. If “The rules” interfere, they come up with something else that sounds fun. We made bracelets, whispered secrets, saw the latest cool toys, and snuck a few bites of Halloween candy… There was no limit to their creative joy-seeking potential.

There’s no limit to ours either. 

The angels have taught me to prioritize joy. I don’t always remember to do so, but frequently I do. I’m sitting outdoors typing this message on the portable computer, munching popcorn, and delighting in the birdsong and beautiful day.

Joy has brought me abundance many times. Years ago I took a boat tour while visiting Hawaii. The gentleman who owned the tour company stopped me as I was leaving. “You are so happy you made everyone on the boat happy! I have a free slot tomorrow. Come back and I won’t charge you!” This was a $150 tour! I joyfully accepted.

Joy has brought me interactions with beautiful people. I sat listening to music once in the butterfly garden, eyes closed and a blissful smile on my face. “Do you always look like that when you sleep,” someone asked me? “Like what?” I asked. “Happy,” came the response. I can’t count the number of times people have stopped and talked to me, starting the conversation with, “You look happy…”

Joy has brought me a new life. I just followed my bliss – one step at a time –  right into this career, when I didn’t have a clue what I’d be doing.

Joy makes me productive. I got off an airplane last Saturday, and woke up at 4am to drive up north and go hiking on Sunday. A joyful outing gave me the energy to answer the hundreds of emails that I’d missed during my trip.

Joy is not frivolity. It is a sign that we are listening to our inner compass, and aligned with the Presence of the Divine within. It is not something handed to us always by the outside world and it is something that others can seem to easily steal. In the end, we get to choose our focus however, and the angels remind us with a great deal of love… to choose joy!

Here are some pointers this week to help you find the joy life offers…

1. Don’t wait for great conditions. Seek Joy now

Give up the excuses and countless reasons why life isn’t or can’t be joyful. I’ve had bills, ill health, and betrayal but that isn’t a reason to avoid seeking joy. In fact seeking the joy in life is what healed me each time.

Look for things that make you happy. I scan the places I visit for things that are interesting or beautiful. I look through a familiar grocery for new treats. I look back over my day before bed and give thanks for all that has been good. There are always things to appreciate and enjoy in life. A single piece of dark chocolate offers bliss if that’s your thing! A single melody can turn the day around. A single flower on the forest floor reminds me of life’s miracles.

2. Choose joyful thoughts

Too often we focus on “reality” –  meaning what is in front of us. If you can think joyful thoughts about “reality” by all means do. If no, handle “reality” then instead of worrying, spend time imagining your problems solved, as well as your dreams and desires. Changing your mental focus brings greater joy. I can think one happy thought in the midst of an onslaught of negative ones and it gets me back on track. 

You’ll handle “reality” better if you can imagine a happy outcome.

3. Be kind to yourself if you can’t get there

Sometimes we’re lost in the throes of our humanity and find it too difficult to find joy. If you’ve experienced loss, betrayal, or a number of other very human experiences that are just plain tough. be kind to yourself. Comfort yourself in a healthy way. Sometimes the most joyful thing you can do is curl up under a blanket and sip some hot tea.

Little joys lead to bigger ones however, and even these small choices will help you heal and return to a focus of joy once again.

Life doesn’t always present its joyful side and yet as the saying goes, “Seek and ye shall find…” Practice choosing joy as often as you can, and watch life shift to become more joyful!

Love you all!

Ann & the Angels – Melting into God… (9.15.2018)

from Ann Albers

[Hi Everyone – For over 17 years I’ve channeled angel messages. This one is different. I was sitting in a comfy chair late at night, fingers on the keyboard, waiting for the angels, when this came through. I’ll describe the experience in my message this week. For now breathe and ask to feel the beauty of the Presence sharing these words…]

I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. I am the seen and the unseen, the manifest and that waiting be born. I am all that is was, and ever shall be. I live in you and you live in me. I am one with you, one with creation, one with all that lives and breathes, and all that has yet to be imagined. I am never away from you. You are never without me. We are One Love, incarnate in many forms, and dreaming many possibilities.

Look into your own eyes and witness me there. Feel my heart beating in your very own pulse. Feel my rhythms in your breath and in the ocean tides, and in the cycles of day and night, and turning of the seasons.

Allow me to rise up within you and I will bring you to life as never before. Sit with me, breathe, relax into my vast, infinite being where you will come to know your true nature and magnificence, for you are anything but small, anything but insignificant. You are nothing less that the Presence and embodiment of my love in physical form. What you see when you look into the mirror, and who you think you are as an individual, is only a tiny refection of the immensity of our collective Being.

Relax. I can easily guide you towards those other aspects of myself who can help and assist you. Relax. I know your needs. They are just a dream waiting to be dreamt. I dream for you in every moment, all you want and all you can imagine. I dream for you a life filled with love in all ways. I dream for all the beings that incarnate to experience our collective wonder to know themselves as love, feel my love, feel the love that we are all as One.

As you dream of possible realities, you expand our collective being. As you live fully we all feel the richness of your being as waves of your joyous energy ripple into the sea of the One love that we are. We are inseparable, infinite love. You are not a part of me, you are an expression of my love, one with me, one with all that is… You are the ocean masquerading as a wave.

Relax. Rest in the infinite Sea of Love that you are. Sit comfortably. Shut your eyes and allow yourself to fall back into my ever-present embrace as a wave relaxes back into the ocean, knowing it will be carried towards its desires and rise up again, powered by the One who Sources it.

I love you dear embodiments of my Love. I am One with You. You are One with me. You are anything but small. You are unique, precious, amazing, beautiful expressions of the infinite. You need never worry. You only need to relax, and allow my love to pour into your heart, your mind, your body, and your being. Then your lives will become a dance of Divine love with other souls who have come to know their true nature as well.

– I AM, the depth of your very being.

Message from Ann…
Messages from Ann
Hi Everyone,

I sat in a comfy chair late one night to channel this newsletter. I breathed, relaxed and opened my heart to the angels as I do every week. Something felt different. I saw a discussion going on with the angels. As if an agreement had been reached I heard and Archangel Michael come in. He started to channel a newsletter, and I completely surrendered, more so than usual, perhaps because it was so late and I was tired. As I let go, I heard him say, “Wait! Let’s do this instead…” Somehow my state of surrender was allowing for change.

I started to spin,as if I was spiraling up and out of my body. I felt simultaneously as if I was sinking backward into a vast womb-like space that embraced me with the sweetest love. I felt myself melt into the Infinite as an energy field reaching out without end. Floating, expanded, suspended in love, I felt the vast presence of the Divine take over my body and arms and begin to type. I was both Ann and so much more. I felt like part of everything. I felt my body burning with a heat that felt like fire. I surrendered into this, relaxing into love and although I knew my fingers were typing, I almost felt asleep.

After what felt like eons, I found myself sinking back into my body and an awareness of myself as Ann once again. I opened my eyes, a bit surprised by the room around me. It looked like a movie set compared to the reality I had just experienced. I was still on fired with God heat, still spinning, and amazed to find very little time had passed.

These experiences are happening with greater frequency as of late. For the sake of my own sanity and so that I can remain a strong light for others, I’ve been sitting more often, breathing, receiving love… and in that space, all sorts of amazing things can happen.

Sometimes I pass out and wake up hours later, not sure where I am. Sometimes I just feel nice and relaxed. Sometimes I get answers to problems or instructions that I know will benefit all involved. I’m not trying to meditate. I never really have done that consistently. I am just, as the angels say, sitting, breathing, and receiving. Sometimes I feel sometimes they expand with me into the Infinite love that we all are…

There is no problem too large, small, simple, or complex for this power to solve. I rarely attempt to solve anything on my own unless I know clearly what to do. If I know what to do, I do it. If not I sit, breathe, receive, and relax knowing the answers will come in perfect timing. I allow this Presence of love to rise up within me and guide me.

Sometimes that presence comes as the very relatable angels who are pure expressions of the Divine that take a beautiful, personal form to make us feel more comfortable relating to infinite love. Sometimes this presence “dials direct” and I simply move or speak without even knowing why I am doing so. It doesn’t matter. The angels know they’re one with God’s love. They can help us feel that unity as well. The more we do, the more easily answers to life’s challenges appear in our own minds and hearts.

There is no easier way to change your life than to regularly and deliberately allow the Love of the Divine to flow into your mind, heart, body, and soul…

Here are few ways you can start to connect more deeply:

1. Sit. Breathe. Receive

The angels have asked me to share this so many times because it is the simplest way to connect. They want to help us. The more you sit, breathe, and receive, the more you relax. The more you relax, the more you surrender control. The more you surrender control, the more love can flow into your body, mind, heart, soul, and life.

Think of your body, for example. If you tighten a fits too long, the blood cannot easily circulate. Your fingers won’t move easily when you open the fist. As you breathe and relax, circulation returns. You can move again. You can lift things. We gain strength through our very surrender to love.

While meditation is the most obvious way to connect, sit/breathe/receive is the easiest.

2. Relax into the Ocean of Love

Imagine that we are always looking outward to see who or what can assist us. We can only see so far. We only know so much or so many… Inside of us however, lies every conceivable solution.

Imagine you are a wave on an ocean of light. You have been trying to rise and move on your own and you are tired. Relax. Allow yourself to fall back into the vast sea of white light that embraces you. Sink into it. Expand into it. Feel its powerful currents carrying you, lifting you, exalting you… Enjoy this mini-meditation of being a wave, surrendering to the ocean moving you… until you feel completely at peace.

When you are at peace, ask a simple question. “What next?” Trust the answer or feeling or impulse that you receive. 

3. Ask to see yourself through God’s eyes

Sit with a sincere intention to see yourself through God’s eyes. Breathe slowly and gently until you are relaxed. Imagine you are floating above your body, merging with the angels and the Divine. Imagine that you are looking at your own body, your own personality through the eyes of pure love. Send him or her compassion. See everything about you through a filter of love. Mm. Feels pretty amazing.

I never know what might happen when I sit to channel these newsletters. I hope you enjoyed this one even though it is very different than usual. Enjoy relaxing into the Divine regularly and bit by bit you’ll start to feel this loving Presence throughout your life and affecting everything in a wonderful way.

If I can feel this connection often – someone who didn’t know a thing outside traditional beliefs until her late twenties, who was stubborn, a control freak, a skeptic, and has never meditated consistently – I know you can too! It doesn’t take luck, just perseverance and a willingness to surrender to love, little by little by little 🙂

Love you all!