‘Healing’, in the deepest sense of the word – Jeff Foster

I want to talk a little about ‘healing’, in the deepest sense of the word.
Healing, not as the removal of symptoms, but as the recognition of wholeness right in the midst of our pain. 
Healing as presence, the natural welcoming of whatever arises.
Sadness heals you from sadness.
It heals you from the identity of ‘the sad one’, or rather, ‘the one who wants to be free from sadness’. It brings you into intimacy with life. It aligns you with what is.
It helps you soften into the body, into the Earth, heart cracked open to love.
Anger heals you from anger.
It reveals to you, at its burning core, that there is no ‘angry person’, there is just power. Life. Pure non-dual energy that we call ‘anger’ and run away from in superstition and unconsciousness.
It reminds you of your deep worth. Helps you hear your unique voice.
Fear heals you from fear.
It liberates you from the story ‘I am afraid’. It is an explosion of life, belonging to no-one. It is a great and misunderstood protector.
It knows the excitement of moving into the Unknown.
Shame heals you from shame.
There is no need to be ashamed when shame comes to visit. Shame only wants to be held in unconditional love, in the warm Presence that you are. And there, it dissolves back into its source.
It was only trying to keep you safe.
Simply heal from the idea
that you need to ‘heal’ feelings.
All feelings are innocent at their core.
They come with lessons, gifts.
Don’t try to heal them.
They come to heal you.
To remind you of your natural wholeness.
If you would only let them move through…