Every Breath


“Every breath is a new beginning.” -Matt Kahn


Transformed by the Power of Acceptance


“When lack or limitation shows up in your life,
it acts as a powerful catalyst of transformation.
Its’ purpose is to help you pinpoint traces of fear
that surface in how defensively you respond to change.
As this becomes evident, any sense of disharmony
is only attracted to inspire more healing.
No matter how often reactions occur,
each one reveals the next feeling in line
to be transformed by the power of acceptance.”
-Matt Kahn

Tunnel of Light, Arizona

Remembering How Innocent…

Kahn - RememberingHowInnocent“There is a belief that if you stop moving forward, you’ll begin going backwards. In reality, the only way to go backwards is by trying to constantly move forward. By surrendering yourself to the authority of Divine Will, you allow progress to occur at the speed of inspiration, instead of racing around at the rate of obligation, expectation, doubt, and fear. From this surrendered space, life miraculously advances you forward at the rate in which you are settled into embracing and appreciating the gifts offered in every breath. This is the joy of remembering how innocent, obvious, and loving your life was always meant to be.” ~Matt Kahn

12.20.2014 on Matt Khan | Facebook