Already Enough – Suzanne Giesemann

Neediness.  It comes from a sense of not having or being enough within yourself, and nothing could be farther from the truth.  We are speaking of emotional neediness today, the feeling of angst, fear, unrest, and jitteriness that simmers under the surface, causing you to be anything but peaceful, yet you may not even understand the source.  The source is a lack of alignment with your Source.  Sink beneath the story of you … the abused, neglected, threatened, told-you-were-unworthy you.  Sink down and look back up at those lies from the very depth of you where there is no story.  In this state of no-story, there are no lies, and hence no neediness.  No other can fill neediness for long.  The hole within is already filled with light.  Focus on that light and fill it with even more of the Love that breathes you rather than the lies that ever caused you to believe you are “less than.”  Hear us well:  You are so very loved.

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Growth in Spurts – Suzanne Giesemann

When things don’t go as you wish, can you trust there is a reason?  Can you take a breath, release your disappointment and frustration, and perhaps engender a bit of wonder?  “I wonder what greater purpose is at hand here?”  Know that if your frustration involves another, the growth and lesson may well be for them, but the growth is yours as well if you can move forward and finally leave the frustration behind.  Growth spurts.  Like a fountain that flows up and out and round and down, only to repeat the cycle again and again and again.  The lessons keep coming, the growth is ongoing, and the Joy is everlasting.  You are so very loved!

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Fluid – Suzanne Giesemann

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Fluid.  The word implies flow.  It implies seeping into every space where normally one would not go, the nooks and crannies one would miss if one held fast to a single point of view.  Can you release that one-pointed mind-set and vision and be fluid, instead?  You may discover new solutions, new vistas, new peace.  Fluid is a whole new way of being for the human being.  Wholeness is a blessing.  Single-minded is best when one flows in alignment with the Mind instead of making up a component mind.  Flow, why don’t you, and may genius be revealed.  You are so very loved.