This Time of Great Change – The Council


This Time of Great Change – The Council

via Ron Head

We speak to you now in this time of great change, great stress, and for you, great uncertainty. These changes have been a major subject of our messages for several years. You had, in fact, grown impatient and weary of the topic. The stress is caused both by your inability to see an outcome, and by the rhetoric you subject yourselves to daily.

Ask yourself if it really necessary for you to listen to hours of gloom and doom from your televisions. Ask yourself how often what used to be news is now used to spread opinion and conjecture. We would have you use your time to better advantage if we could. We will ask you to watch closely what happens in the next few weeks. See for yourselves how well events parallel what you have been told. See how many have to wipe egg off their faces.

We see the uncertainty of the future, not as something fearful, but as something that can be viewed as an advantage. How could that possibly be? It could be because it is enabling the great changes that you have desired for so long.

When you have looked at your futures, you have invariably projected into them your desires for what you see as the better. However, if you think carefully, you will come to understand that everything you are projecting is based on the best of the past. You cannot see the future in your present states of consciousness, and therefore your view of the future is necessarily built upon the past.

This current uncertainty, although bewildering, will allow the things that are approaching to be built upon the possible, possibilities that you cannot conceive of as you do not, as yet, have the information to build an image of them with your current awareness. The higher you that we have spoken of so many times in the past has much in store for you that will be uplifting and joyful. But before that can happen, the things that cannot exist in those higher vibrations must exit your world.

Now we do not say this to frighten you. As we have said recently, if you keep your minds on the positives in the evolution of your world that are happening, your experience of what is going on around you, although the events will be the same, will be much more peaceful and hope filled. In fact, overall the changes will soon become far more positive than negative. Low energy must leave, and is leaving, your world. A world that you will find unbelievably filled with wonder will begin now to replace it. Your grandparents experienced a century that went from horse and buggy to satellites, from telegraph to Wi-Fi. The changes you will experience in the next decade will eclipse that. Keep your minds on that, if you will.

There is also a great increase in mass meditation and prayer. This is possible due to the internet that you have built. This is magnificent and we heartily approve. You can perhaps imagine the far-reaching effects of this development, but we can actually see the changes in your light. Make this a priority if you can. You will cause benefit and you will experience benefit, as well. Use your television watching time to better advantage.

You can turn away from upsetting images. You do not have to subject yourself to what disturbs you. The need for that has been programmed, just as your need for products, just as your acceptance of what has been attempted in your societies. Your higher selves have declared “Enough!” And your new world will now emerge.
There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE

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On Consciousness and The Event – The Council

We intend today to speak a little more on the subject of consciousness and what you are calling The Event.

We told you that your kitties would become more kitty and it caused some amusement and loving feelings. Good! That is what it was intended to do. But now we would like to explore that a bit more deeply.

Now, there are a lot of theories – emphasis on theories – about what this happening, this Event, will bring. We have to tell you that a great deal of it is rooted in human misunderstanding, some even in intentional misdirection. All of it is based upon what you believe is possible. That is entirely based on what you are aware of in your prior experience. And we are not going to stir that pot here. But one thing seems to be fairly universally agreed upon. And that is the overarching truth that it is an increase in light that is in the process of enveloping your solar system and planet.

Are you aware that light is conscious and carries with it consciousness and information? Are you aware that everything, everything, everything is made of light? You say Love? Same thing. You say Truth? Same thing. But the effect brought abput by an increase in your consciousness is what we wish to discuss here.

As the light of which we speak arrives, it will raise the light frequency of everything that it envelopes, that it infuses. Are you aware that everything you can see or touch is conscious to some degree?

Your kitty is conscious. You have no problem with that. Your puppy is conscious. There have been laws passed granting rights to animals. There have, for many years, been understandings that plants demonstrate feelings when they are hooked up to electronic recorders. There are recordings of forests singing. Now your scientists are telling you that trees form communities and care for each other. We will take you even further along this path.

Everything is light. Everything is conscious. There is nothing that is outside of the field that contains you. Said another way, nothing exists outside of God. Your own logic must lead you to this conclusion.

When the higher consciousness arrives, as it is indeed in the process of doing, it WILL raise all consciousness. It will raise yours. It will raise the kitty’s. It will raise the trees’. It will raise the entire planet’s and everything upon and within her.

All of the other desired changes that you seem to be so wrapped up in may indeed occur. But we are sorry to tell you that the consciousness that is the True You could not care less. The True You only wants to raise its consciousness.  Those changes that you imagine are things that you will bring about – or not. It is your world after all.

You are being handed a magic wand. It will change everything when you wave it. And you ask us “What will it be like?” Well, it is an excellent question. Perhaps you should ask yourselves that before you wave the wand.

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE

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Pushing a Rope – The Council

Pushing a rope is an apt metaphor for what many of you are trying to do. Stopping a stream by holding your hands against it would be another. These would be impossible tasks, agreed?

Now imagine pulling the rope downhill. Imagine – this is one of your favorites – ‘going with the flow’ of the stream. Not only would that be easier, but at times you might need to step it up to keep up.

So, the obvious question then becomes, which do you want to do?

We have addressed this several times in the past, but in this time, at this turning point, it needs to be covered again. We see you asking for help in coping. And we see most of you heeding only the answers that come from your own places of struggle. The true answer is that it need not be a struggle. Pushing a rope is a struggle, an unnecessary struggle.

What are you struggling against? That is key. There is a tidal wave of incoming energies engulfing your planet, actually your solar system. Energy is consciousness. This is orders of magnitude above the energetic environment of your past millennia. When higher consciousness meets lower consciousness, the lower will always be raised. Always.

Now the make-up of your physical being needs to be upgraded in order to hold the higher frequencies that you will be raised to. Everything we have said to this point will be agreed to by most of you. Yes? And this leads to what you love to call ascension symptoms. You have adjustments to be made by the very cells of your physical bodies. And the incoming energies are causing you to ‘catch up’, as it were.

So why is this a struggle? It is a struggle because you want to be changed, but you don’t want to change. You are afraid to change. You want a new world. You are afraid of what it might be like. What about my dog? What about my cat? My husband? My children? What about this? What about that? Oh, lordy! Don’t let the rope slide back down here! Why can’t I get the water to stop?

We will ask you to consider that the unconditionally loving Source of your being, your Creator, your God, if that makes you more comfortable, is not about to cause you to suffer. “But look at the past!” you say. And we say, “Yes, it has been made a mess of, hasn’t it?” And we ask you, are you blaming all of that on some vengeful, wrath filled being? Or are you finally willing to admit that just perhaps this is a world of your creation?

The upshot of this is that what should be your enjoyment of having your deepest wishes fulfilled becomes aches, pains, confusion, and fear. Your energies will need to be realigned. There will be adjustments to your energy bodies. Your cells will change. Your very consciousness will change. These things will happen. It will happen because you decided that you would be here to experience it. As has been said, it is not happening to you, it is happening for you. There may be some temporary discomfort. There need not be suffering.

Now, see yourself as hunkering down, arms wrapped around yourself, trying to avoid the inevitable. See yourself as standing in a beautiful field, watching the sunrise, with your arms open wide, singing as you welcome a new day. And we don’t ask you to see the difference, we ask you to feel the difference. You see, the hunkering, the suffering, is like keeping your foot on the brake pedal. Accepting, allowing, understanding and rejoicing are like hitting the after-burners. There we go, mixing our metaphors again.

Your highest divine self is seeking to live as you. Please welcome her. She comes to you with unconditional love. You are a part of her. She is the all of you.

Still you say why? Here’s the why. There will be a new world. The old one was created by your desires, your beliefs, and your imaginings. Guess who is going to create your new one? But this time, you are going to be far and away more capable than before. THAT is what you have decided. That is what humanity intends. And that is what will be.

One more note: You are further along than most of you have any inkling of. Just look at the numbers of you. Just look! It IS happening.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE

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Shaken, Stuck, Adrift – The Council

Shaken, Stuck, Adrift – The Council – 2/15/2020

via Ron Head

There are a great many of those who have been following these messages who could pick one of the words in this title. shaken, stuck, and adrift, to describe the way they are feeling now. We will address each of these in turn in order to bring you an understanding and move you back into what has become familiar energy to you. First, give yourselves a great deal of credit for making grounded, joyful, and appreciative energy feel familiar. That is exactly what is remaking the world you live in.

To those of you who feel that the word shaken best describes your feeling, we first say – and we know you have already thought this – that we told you many times that your world would first need to fall apart. We know you did your best to prepare. We know that you felt prepared. But looking at hot soup and sticking one’s finger into it are quite different experiences. Nevertheless, understanding that nothing will be changed until change becomes truly necessary will help while you become acclimated to this new, but temporary, reality.

Be sure you understand and are ready to participate in building the new loving, compassionate, and sustainable world you have dreamed of. Those who kick over all the old apple carts may not be lovable, but they certainly provide a valuable service in the long run. It is what is done in the aftermath that will count the most.

Now, we have addressed the feeling of being stuck several times before. But we will expand on what we have said a little bit.

First of all, you are not stuck. It is important for you to know this. The feeling of being stuck is just a feeling. It is produced by not being able to relate what you see around you to your expectations. The expectations are the real problem. You are expecting things to look a certain way and they do not. Now, we are not trying to make you look wrong. But please allow us to point out something to you.

Your expectation is created by your imagination from the tools that your mind has at its disposal. And those are mostly, in your current state, either from a history you remember or one that you have been taught. They may seem wonderful, but they are still history.

You have asked for, and you have been promised, a world that you have never seen, a world that no one can teach you about. Does it surprise you that you do not know what getting there will look like? Not only is that true for your outside world, but for your inner world, as well.

As for actually being stuck, nothing in the universe is stuck. It is an impossibility. Energy never rests. Protons, electrons, atoms, etc. hardly could be said to slow down, much less be stuck. The one constant in the universe is change. So you are hardly stuck, you are perhaps a bit impatient.

It is easy for us to be patient. Your future is a probability that we already see as accomplished. Please notice that we did not use the word possibility. If you can understand that effects are unavoidable aspects of causes, then you will know that you are making the new world that you desire unavoidable with every breath you take, every thought, every prayer, and every loving and compassionate act. This will raise your feeling. You will not feel stuck.

Now, the feeling of being adrift is a different case. There are actually some of you that are changing direction in your lives. Imagine how that would feel if you were on a ship somewhere. The waves and currents were all there, but you knew your direction and were not wavering from it. Then, suddenly, you were given a new destination, a new direction. There would be a short period when the waves and currents tossed you about. But once you established a new momentum, you would not feel adrift anymore.

You may wonder what that new destination might be. But don’t try to fabricate it out of what you know. Remember, this will be a new world. Let your guides and teachers reveal it to you as they can. You may actually be creating something that has not existed before. Give your permission and live each moment with gratitude and allowance. Be the best tool in the toolbox. Creator did not create a toolbox full of useless objects. And there are no hammers in places where hammers are not needed.

What can you learn today? How can you improve today? Who can you help today? With those purposes in mind, you will never be adrift. And your new destination will reveal itself as a desire you did not know you had or abilities that delight you.

Know that you are living in the greatest moment of change your world has known. And further, know that the reason for this is that it is reflecting the greatest change humanity has ever made within herself.


There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE

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